2015 Benefit Report

We are pleased to announce the publication of our initial annual benefit report, which is a requirement of the company’s public benefit corporation status.

2015 tCR annual benefit report

Proud to be a Certified B Corp

No excuses on the lag here, but we did earn Certified B Corp status in late 2015.

Darn proud of it, too:

B Corp? Benefit corporation? Both?

A point of confusion for many in the business world and beyond is what defines a Certified B Corp and what defines a benefit corporation. Even companies that have attained one or the other can muddy the waters by mis-characterizing their achievement.

The two aren’t interchangeable — yet — as there are some clear distinctions between a Certified B Corp and a benefit corporation (or public benefit corporation here in Colorado).

To help clarify the matter, Kerby recently wrote a byline article explaining the difference between the two for Colorado Biz magazine.

Giving employers a heads up on responsible investing

As the responsible investing arena grows, The Communications Refinery, PBC, figures that employees may become increasingly vocal about such investment options in their 401(k) plans or other retirement accounts.

Therefore, Kerby recently crafted a byline piece explaining how business owners and managers may handle such inquiries for Colorado Biz magazine.

Pursuing B Corp status

After a bit of a hiatus, we are planning to resume our pursuit of B Corp status for The Communications Refinery, PBC, in the coming weeks. Our initial efforts in 2014 stopped amid year-end demands and remained on hold through tax preparation season in early 2015, but we’re looking forward to seeing how we measure up against the B Lab’s standards.

If you’re considering pursuing a B Corp designation for your company but aren’t sure where to start, The B Corp Handbook offers a handy road map, as Kerby discussed in a byline article for Colorado Biz magazine last fall.

A foundational change

One of the biggest developments in the evolution of The Communications Refinery occurred in February as it changed its corporate designation to a public benefit corporation, or PBC, as defined by the State of Colorado.

This change underscores the company’s focus on helping for-profit and nonprofit enterprises positively impact the communities they serve.

For more on being a PBC, or, outside of Colorado, a benefit corporation, give us a call.