Corporate Consulting Services

Ideally, a corporate strategy is a dynamic tool that provides a company with a road map for achieving its multifaceted goals in the areas of community, environmental and social impact, as well as profitability. At the same time, effective messaging is valuable in conveying that strategic vision and successes at fulfilling the company’s broader ambitions.

Yet, over time, a company’s strategic underpinnings can soften and its messaging can weaken as growth and new initiatives can steer attention elsewhere.

To help companies get back on track, The Communications Refinery, PBC, offers:
* A Strategic Snapshot, a profile that encompasses where a company is at, in the context of its current strategy, and where it appears it’s heading
* A Messaging Audit, an analysis of the current state of corporate communications efforts in relation to the company’s strategic positioning

Beyond these real-time takes on the state of a business and its messaging, we’re committed to enhancing every client’s company through the development of plans that address any shortcomings in its messaging, corporate communications or strategy.

Questions about any of our services for financial firms employing tenets of responsible investing, benefit corporations or any other for-profit enterprises?

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Our Clients

The Communications Refinery has helped a wide variety of corporations connect with prospective customers, current clients, investors and employees, including:

  • * American Century Investments
  • * Northern Trust
  • * Financial Planning Association
  • * Colorado State University College of Business

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