Corporate Consulting

Committing to a vision or purpose is a core component of an impact-driven company’s reason for being, but delivery on that ambition is just as critical.

Furthermore, it’s essential that your company’s messaging reflects its ability to account for multiple stakeholders. That is, while existing clients and customers and prospects need to understand how you can meet their needs, employees, community members and others want to see how you’re considering more than the bottom line.

Any disconnect between what you believe your company is doing and saying and what stakeholders and the marketplace perceive could stem from a myriad of reasons, but it could lead to significant business challenges.

As a corporate consulting firm, The Communications Refinery, PBC, works to resolve such obstacles to success. From working with your management team to develop a strategic approach around its multifaceted long-range goals to honing the company’s messaging to reflect how it’s unique, our professionals are committed to helping clients enhance their business, with a focus on benefit corporations and the responsible investing arena.

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