About Us

Recognizing that there’s more to running a successful business than a singular focus on profits, The Communications Refinery became a Colorado public benefit corporation (PBC) and a Certified B Corp in 2015. These changes underscored the company’s focus on helping for-profit and nonprofit enterprises positively impact the communities they serve.

To achieve this, the company draws upon an extensive portfolio of expertise and capabilities.

Corporate Consulting Principal, Kerby Meyers

Our corporate consulting principal, Kerby Meyers, has been advising clients on the development of relevant messaging and smart content since 2000, the year he founded The Communications Refinery. He regularly ensures that his clients’ communication and strategic efforts resonate with customers, clients, prospects, investors and other key stakeholders, with an emphasis on financial services firms focused on responsible investing and benefit corporations. Kerby is a past Chair of the International Executive Board for the International Association of Business Communicators and is a past Chair of the Board of Directors for DAVA, a Denver-area nonprofit that inspires at-risk youth.

Director of Grant Strategies, Tori Meyers

Our Director of Grant Strategies, Tori Meyers, has been involved in grant writing in various capacities since 2002, partnering with Colorado-based nonprofits on grant strategies and proposals for funding. Current and past clients include human services organizations, arts and culture organizations, health focused organizations and educational institutions. She previously worked as a grant writer at Mile High United Way, where her efforts led to more than $1 million in federal agency funding from the Treasury Department and the Administration of Children and Families within the Department of Health and Human Services. She also developed grant applications to the Daniels Fund, Piton Foundation and Rose Community Foundation, and served as a key liaison on proposals submitted to the National Credit Union Foundation and the Corporation for Enterprise Development.